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Check That Bar Slant On  " CRAZY"



Berlin Germany 1949

Grady Martin    Billy Robinson         Hank Williams      Joe Zinking        Jimmy Riddle
   Guitar             Steel Guitar                                                Bass                 Accordion
    Berlin Germany 1949

Country music has been an important part of his life. It started in 1930's and 40's
listening to the Grand Ole Opry. It was a ritual at his house for the entire Robinson
family to tune in to WSM Radio's Grand Ole Opry every Saturday night. When he was
 10 years old, his mother bought him his first guitar. After learning to play the guitar
by ear. It became his ambition to play on the Grand Ole Opry.

He was hired in 1948, at the age of 18, to play the steel guitar on the "Prince Albert
Show" with Red Foley. The NBC Prince Albert portion of the Grand Ole Opry was the
only network part of the show at that time. As a part of the Prince Albert band, he
had the opportunity to work with Hank Williams, George Morgan, Hank Snow, Little
Jimmy Dickens and Carl Smith. From all over the country music stars at that time
were guest on the "Prince Albert Show," so he had the opportunity to work with
many great singers.

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Red Foley - Billy Robinson - Minnie Pearl - Hank Williams

In 1949 he traveled to Europe with the Grand Ole Opry and worked with Hank Williams,
Red Foley and Little Jimmy Dickens. This was the Opry's first trip to Europe.

Grand Ole Opry in
Berlin Germany

The 1st Trip
of The
Grand Ole Opry
made to
Berlin Germany
On Nov. 13 1949

Click, to hear the Live 1949 Broadcast from Germany

Left to Right - Joe Zinkins, Grady Martin, Brother Oswald, Billy Robinson, Roy Acuff, Red Foley,
Eva Foley, Thelma Acuff - Roy's daughter, Grant Turner, Audrey Williams, Little Jimmy Dickens,
Hank Williams, Dollie Bearman, Helen Bremer, Rod Brasfield, Minnie Pearl, Pap Wilson


L to R: Ott Divine, Ernie Newton, Grady Martin, Owen Bradley, Jimmy Selph,
Original Jordanaires (Bill & Monty Mathews, Cully Holt, and ?)
At Mic: Red Foley, David Cobb, with Billy Robinson on a Bigsby Steel Guitar
Swift's Jewel Shortening  Show 1950


Many years later, he was chosen for a stand-in part, playing the Dobro, in Clint
Eastwood's movie "HonkyTonk Man." In 1996 he had the privilege of being inducted
into the "Steel Guitar Hall of Fame" in St. Louis.

Upon retirement he started trying various styles of playing on steel guitar. Exploring
and playing Pop, Jazz, Latin, Hawaiian, etc on the lap steel has been a lot of fun.
In his CD's he has tried to incorporate many different ways of playing the steel.
♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪
This is a one of a kind Derby Lap steel guitar
made by Charlie Stepp owner of Derby Steel Guitars.
It is a 10 string guitar built on a 12 string body.
The ⅜" wide spacing helps with bar slants.
On a 24 " Scale ♪
♪                                                    ♪
D - G - E - C - A - G - E - C - A - F
Which is reg. C6th  tuning with D on top and F on the bottom

Billy's  C6th Tuning

String No.

C6th Tuning

String Size

Att. String Size



.017 P

.017 P



.012 P

.015 P



.015 P

.016 P



.016 P

.017 P



.018 P

.020 P



.024 W

.030 W



.028 W

.035 W



.036 W

.040 W



.042 W

.045 W

10th F .050 W .055 W
Billy never pulls the second string
Tune both "A"s a little flat

Some think the Att. is what you should use

Lloyd Green and Billy Robinson
Receiving the 2004 Legends Award
at the Nashville Steel Guitar Association

Billy designed the logo for the association

Scotty   Billy Robinson    Charlie Stepp    Carl Boyd    Stoney     Speedy West

A little bit of Trivia about Derby Steel Guitars
A Horse and the word "Derby" are registered trade
marts of The Kentucky Derby and can not be used together. So
Did you know that Billy Robinson designed the Logo for the Derby
And the reason it is big, when on stage and a camera picks it up,
 you know from a long distance, that it's a Derby Steel Guitar. Good Job Billy!

Hall Of Fame members present at The International Steel Guitar Convention
August 30, 2003 in  St. Louis, Missouri


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Billy playing "CARAVAN"

This is Awesome







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